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The Natural Path
From Nature, With Love

Herbal remedies and recipes for all-natural living

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An Introduction to Herbalism

Herbal Remedies and Recipes for All-Natural Living

Have you ever wanted to learn about herbalism, whether to be self-sustaining, use more natural ingredients, be connected to nature, or simply be crafty? Crack open this book, take a step onto the natural path, and learn to support your health with herbs…from nature, with love. 

This booklet includes an overview with an introduction to a handful of herbs for health. Several different herb preparation instructions are outlined, including tinctures, glycerites, decoctions, teas, syrups, honey drops, tonics, bath soaks, topical oils and salves, poultices, essential oil roll-ons, and diffusers, plus a section on seed cycling and cooking with herbs. Each section has a handful of suggested recipes to get you started. 

Everything we ever needed for our general health and well-being is already there in nature. Join us on our journey!

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