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Orca Cove Series

Small town paranormal romance series

Saltwater Cures ebook cover.jpg

Saltwater Cures

Orca Cove Series Book One

Orca Cove: Small seaside community, tight bonds, and something magical in the water.

She’s been alone for far too long.

Free-spirited Willa Daniels doesn’t get stressed about much. She has built the life she’s dreamed of, an herbalist and yoga instructor in a quiet town in the Pacific Northwest, and is trying to rebuild her community. But she’s still missing something.

A mysterious stranger.

A dark newcomer, Nick Ryan isn’t immediately accepted by the close-knit town where he’s come to start over. He has a lot of secrets and a deep-seated inability to trust. Even he isn’t sure what he wants out of his new situation.

Can saltwater truly cure all wounds? 

An unusual storm brings forth unlikely abilities to Willa and her friends. When a body is found onshore at a location Nick was seen the previous evening, distrust and fear envelop the idyllic town. Only Willa seems able to believe in Nick, secrets and all. But will her faith in him be strong enough to outshine Nick’s dark past and the dangers it brings with it?

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