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Detective Malone Series

Fun, fast-[aced, caffeine-slugging detective series

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Bad Company

Detective Malone Series Book 1

Follow local PI Mal through the suburbs of Chicago, slinging back coffee, and avoiding the local mafia. Readers of Janet Evanovich and Stephanie Bond will love this fast-paced and light-hearted romp. 

Unable to conform to the police academy, Detective “Mal” Malone steps out on her own to start her own private investigator business in Chicago. Juggling caseloads, a missing persons case puts her in the cross-hairs of the local mafia. She has the training, but only limited resources to get the job done. 

Stumbling upon a crime she can’t ignore, even if it doesn’t fund her ten-cup-a-day coffee addiction, a handsome fire captain stands between her and a solid lead. Unlikely new friendships offer her much-needed information, but to protect them, she has to find evidence to throw the book at a local gangster. 

If Mal can’t crack the case soon, she’ll not only fail at keeping her friends safe, but she could soon become the target herself.


Here I Go Again

Detective Malone Series Book 2

A former crush. An ongoing investigation. A criminal mastermind. At least Mal isn’t doing it all on her own this time around. 

Detective “Mal” Malone’s life has turned upside down. Her office has been taken over by a new friend and employee, Suzy, and Suzy’s husband, Sam, who persistently pops in like the techie-rockstar and wanna-be detective that he is. She has to take on enough work to keep the lights on, but she’s dedicated to finding a way to nail slippery Dessi to the concrete floor of the jail cell.

A new case of stolen jewelry highlights Sam’s strengths and puts a new spin on how she does her job. Then, an unexpected visit from Rhodes, a fireman she shared a combustible history with, joins her on an out-of-state journey to find his estranged father. What could go wrong?

The new team comes together to devise a carefully laid plan that leads her directly into the lion’s den. Mal’s been caught in his web once before. This time, will she make it out alive?

Under Pressure_ebook cover.jpg

Under Pressure

Detective Malone Series Book 3

Rhodes joins Mal and the team as they come up with an elaborate plan to put Dessi down once and for all in this heart-pounding installment of the Detective Malone series. Brace for intrigue, deception, and twists. The con is on!

Mal and her unlikely team have hit enough dead ends to last a lifetime and the building threat of criminal mastermind Dessi holds them in a state of danger. One single, illegally-planted bug in the conference room of underground criminals is the ace in the hole—that is, if they can actually catch something incriminating. 

Each lead guides them down another path of disappointment. Not even a side-case at a local pet store can pull the team from their plummeting spirits. Time is running out and loyalties are challenged, forcing them to attack Dessi head-on if they’re going to end this thing. 

The two teams embark on a complicated game of cat and mouse, and even with all the coffee in the world, Mal doesn’t know who will come out on top.

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