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Busy Writing

Some of you know this, but the hubby and I are planning a move across country. We're building raw land, so it's a lot of work. We have a contractor, but there are so many steps, with excavation, driveways, and pads/foundations. It's a lot to keep track of.

Either way, after releasing two Detective Malone books last year and re-releasing book 1 in the series, I didn't think I'd get anywhere with any new books.

But......I love to write and I cannot quell my creativity. I plotted out a new five-book series that I had been dying to write. I thought that plotting out some books would be enough for it, but no, of course not.

So, I began writing book one of my new series, Orca Cove. It's a bit of a departure from Detective Malone. It's a true romance, and it's not quite as funny, but it's still a good mystery as you've come to expect with me. And the fun part is that it's got a little paranormal mystery in it as well. It's not high fantasy, you won't see a whole new world with cultures and strange names. But you will see some unlikely events that lead to unusual abilities. It's fun and exciting, and I can't wait to share it with you.

It's also written in the third person, unlike Detective Malone, and each chapter moves back and forth between the male and female character's perspectives, giving you more of a bird's eye view of their feelings and motivations. It was actually a bit of a challenge to write, especially after simply following one person and diving deep into her perspective.

And crazy enough, as of two weeks ago, I wrapped my first draft of book 1: Saltwater Cures. I will be starting on rewrites tonight and have already scheduled my editor and cover creator. I'm hoping to have it out to you all by early summer.

Without further ado, let's welcome Orca Cove, where there's a tight-knit group of friends who've experienced some heartbreak and loss. This loss was the catalyst of distance between them, but they're finding their way back together! These unusual abilities I mentioned are something they share and help reinforce their friendship. Orca Cove is a small seaside community on the Hood Canal in Washington State. You have some fun side characters, orcas in the cove (obviously), and lots of seafood!

And don't forget the romance. We'll have lots of that.

Heat is medium, unlike Detective Mal as well, but not too graphic. It's a romance novel, after all.

I have all five books plotted out and hope to deliver both this year if at all possible. A lot of that will depend on our upcoming move this summer.

Hopefully I'll be better at updating my blog in the future. Stay tuned for news on this book!

That's all for now, friends!

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